“Fantastic service by Virginia and Margaret! The declutter and
move would have been impossible without them”
Colin & Craig, Vancouver, B.C.

“I moved to a house half the size of my previous house, lots of purging required…

My good friend, who had just used their services,  recommended OCD to help me navigate the decluttering, “getting rid of” and organizing phase of my move, quite a difficult task…even for someone who has moved 13 times, overseas and the States in the past 23 years.

Lovely women,  happy and positive and extremely hardworking.

Could not have done this without them, Thank you.

- Helene, Toronto, Ontario.

“We hired OCD on the recommendation of our agent. Our house was sold, we were moving, but had no place to go (Toronto market!). Hiring OCD was the best decision I ever made during that period. They organised everything. It was fantastic. I would recommend them to my best friends. We are currently renting, and once we find a house, OCD will be on top of my list of people to call.”

- Louise, Toronto, Ontario.

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